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If You Don't Know What You Want …

Among the first questions asked by the small business owner are, What will this cost me? and What will it look like?

My internal response is, How the hell would I know? I repress that, of course. Instead, I ask who his customers are and how will they benefit from the site, and what does he expects the site to do for him and his business.

… How Do You Know If You Got It?

The articles in this section describe how a worthwhile web site is architected and built. They will also discuss the goals for the site and the means for determining its success.

You've Got It — Now What?

You're ready to launch the site. How do you get folks to visit, and continue to visit? A web site is a living organism that requires maintenance and constant renewal. A vital, dynamic site will encourage visitors to return. We will discuss maintenance, either contracting it ourselves, or training your own people to do the job.

The other part is getting the visitors in the first place. You will hear a lot about SEO, search engine optimization. The sad truth is, search engines, while important, are not the prime source of your visitors. The vast majority of users on any commercial site come from off-line resources — print ads, radio and TV ads, signs on your business address and vehicles and from your business stationery. We will expand on this also.

Get Your Own

Please contact us about your web presence needs or questions. We'll be more than happy to help you in any way we can.

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