Small Business Benefits from Big Biz Experience

Your customers and employees expect a positive experience when they visit your web site. It takes more than a bunch of pages, thrown together with pretty graphics, to give them that experience.

I've put together a small team of highly skilled people to build web sites that are functional, usable and accessible.

One Site Does Not Fit All

All too many companies settle for a soi-disant web designer's cookie-cutter graphic design and content template. The site languishes because it wasn't really planned from the ground up to provide what the customers need, or what the company wants it to accomplish.

A Good Site Starts With A good Plan

The well developed web site's design goes through roughly eight steps in four stages1:

Half of the development phases are about planning. A site built without sufficient planning will have little chance of being a successful commercial Web presence.

Work with us to design the site architecture that gives your customers what they need; one that gives you the return on investment you've earned.

  1. Web Project Management: Delivering successful commercial Web sites, Ashley Friedlein, Morgan Kaufman Publishers, 2001