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What’s An HTML & CSS Workshop?

HTML and CSS are not rocket surgery, but they’re not quite as simple as falling off a log.

This is my little workshop on the 'net; a place to play around with the odd idea. I have demos of various html and css arcana, even a bit of javascript. Nothing is particularly groundbreaking and much is borrowed from others who have likely borrowed from someone, themselves. That's how the Web works.

The impetus for these little how-tos and what-ares comes mostly from discussions on the web development forums and mail lists that I haunt. Many are crude, with little decoration or explanation. They were meant to supplement an answer to someone’s question, or maybe my own.

But why does IE look like crap?

Some of the pages, have no hacks, work-arounds or other dumbing down to accomodate IE’s buggy behavior or lack of support for css. This page uses common css2 properties that all modern browsers support. I did simplify the layout—you would have been oh, so impressed with my coding prowess—so that IE does not completely break the page. IE is not a modern browser, and does not render this page at all well. IE7 has had a bunch of bug fixes and has implemented min/max-height/width and some badly needed selectors. It seems to render this page in a less crippled way now.

Other pages are aimed at IE, to illustrate either a bug or its fix. In those cases, it will depend on what I’m trying to illustrate. No doubt, I will apply some bug fixes simply out of habit. Don’t look for consistency in this section.

As a web developer, I use Firefox as my primary testbed; it is os agnostic, and very much standards compliant. Opera, too, is very standards compliant, but has too many variations from build to build to be used as a serious developer’s platform. The Konqueror/Safari family still has some holes in its support. It is rapidly improving.